The Fun of Failure by Tim Ross

Can the impact of failure, as a ‘public blood sport’ in Tim’s case, lead to positive transformation? According to Tim it can

Tim Ross has been both a good friend and a role model to me for more than 15 years. As he often does, Tim gives an honest, open and completely inspired talk on the power of being human, in the moment and embracing the ups and downs of life. Can the impact

The Coffee Wand to Keep Drinks Warm

The With Me stick is a new wand concept that will keep hot beverages such as coffee warmer for longer. It has primarily been designed to keep coffee hot during the colder seasons however, it will also be of great use year round as there is nothing…

Childish Insults Still Hurt

To promote her latest book, author Johanna Stein has created an accompanying short video on Youtube titled Momhead. The video documents an assortment of real insults delivered by her four year old daughter that are extremely honest and inadvertently

Hard Hat Innovation

The humble hard hat does not receive much attention or acclaim. A simple piece of protective equipment for construction workers and engineers that has not evolved much from its original form. The common yellow head piece is more of an eye sore…