The Bull

Paul Breen is The Bull. In the past 20 years, Paul has founded or co-founded 6 companies, invested in 3 others, sold 3, completed 2 turnarounds and sat on more than 10 boards or advisory boards. Along the way he pioneered pop-up retailing in Australia and New Zealand with his 150 store retail chain Calendar Club, was an early stage investor in the market leading prepaid payments company Epay Australia and held the enviable position of CEO of Powershop, one of Australia's most disruptive ‘corporate’ start-ups in the electricity sector. He is a sought-after advisor, speaker and business coach and is in the final stages of releasing his first book; ‘What I Wish I Knew When I Was 30”. The Bull can be contacted directly through this profile.

Ben Rennie


Ben Rennie is the co-founder of 6.2, a strategic design firm and founder of White Spaces. He is a frequent speaker and advisor on the value of innovation and design thinking and has participated in some of Australia’s most important design, business and innovation conferences as a speaker and advisor. His articles have been quoted in some of the worlds leading magazines and newspapers. He is in the process of writing a new book called '52' out in November 2015.

Courtney van der Weyden

Courtney van der Weyden is the Digital Content manager for 6.2, curating and managing content across White Spaces and the iPad Magazine, the Black Report. Part time Instagram addict.

Leroy Soeterboek


Born and raised on the South Coast with an undying interest in all things design, food, culture, tech, architecture and cool. He skews his articles towards his interests. A belief that there is a story to be told about everything. Leroy is the Editor for White Spaces.

Andrew Fallshaw

I think lots about design, business, marketing and ideas. I write for &

David Gillespie

Amateur day dreamer trying to turn pro. Australian. Founder @collectorsedit, check out and New York, NY

Janeece Keller

Traveller, journalist, entrepreneur. Currently working on a project that combines those 3 things - Sydney

Josie Gibson

Ideas curator, interested in how ideas and creativity move business and society forward... Melbourne, Australia

Linsay Duncan

Straight-talking marketer helping entrepreneurs with big ideas that contribute to ethical or environmental progress. Sun, Fun & Run lover. Marke2ing Co-founder. London, UK

Marie Lena Tupot

Bio to go here

Marina Paronetto

Marina Paronetto, founder of PowerHouseHQ, is a creative and positive thinker, she works with organisations to empower intrapreneuship, growing innovation culture from within. Organised Global Service and Sustainability Jams in Melbourne & Sydney, and most recently organises Melbourne Startup Weekend.

Rebekah Campbell

Ex band manager & now tech entrepreneur. Founder of Also passionate about progressive politics (past and present) and various sports.

Rui Rodrigues

Sometimes I dream of 6 crazy ventures before breakfast. F1 World Champion (twice, yep), LBS MBA, venture consultant and angel investor. Paris, London and now Sydney