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Money 3.0

Bitcoin has recently grabbed a lot of attention, particularly in the last few months with the digital currency going mainstream and attaining mind-boggling exchange rates.

Most of the media articles try to explain what Bitcoin really is,…

Now is the Time to unFocus

There is one incredibly common used word of advice in the startup world – focus.

Mentors like to say things like pick a vertical and build it; advisors say focus on a segment and go after it; entrepreneurs say let’s concentrate on the product…

The Art of Prioritising


A recent article by The Bull on this space made me think about frameworks and one of the most common issues the start-ups I work with face, that of prioritising tasks.

The pressure and challenges of building a start-up make it difficult…

Empirical Innovation

People say that if you want to achieve things no one else has achieved you should do things no one else does. True, but you can always get some inspiration from specific contexts that have already generated some innovative thinking and who knows…

When Innovation Meets Art

Metamorphosis I by M.C. Escher, 1937

Art critics can usually derive complex theories out of art pieces and sometimes that might have had little to do with an artist’s initially thoughts. What if we followed the same process and used art to…

The Boldtech Manifesto


The definition of technology has suffered a narrowing scope evolution over the course of the last couple of decades. It seems that the scope of technology has accompanied the Darwinism of the word itself from technology to tech but did