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White spaces writes about good ideas, business ventures and concepts that challenges conventional thinking. Thanks to our network of spotters worldwide, white spaces recieves updates and has access to the worlds best ideas and trends as they occur. We then translate these into insights.

Our readers include creatives, designers, venture capitalists, CEOs, CMOs, entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners, reading white spaces articles spanning from technology to leadership, thought activation, strategy and innovation.

“White Spaces has always been about content and quality… never about traffic. Our list of subscribers reads as a who’s who in the business world, covering brands such as Coke, Apple, Film Studio’s, the world’s largest banks and agencies. Our goal was always to inspire, we never thought it would reach who it has!” BEN RENNIE, CEO at 6.2 and Founder of uncluttered white spaces

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white spaces is the digital online magazine about good ideas. Our focus is to provide you with good ideas relating to innovation, design, ethonomics, technology and health.
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