Tesla CEO and technological futurist Elon Musk has unveiled what could be the biggest disruption to the way we consume power since the invention of… something else that was really disruptive in the electricity game!

Musk has announced the creation of a series of batteries that are designed for use in homes and businesses. Measuring in at three by four feet and 7 inches deep, the massive battery is designed to be installed in someone’s home along with solar panels acting as a storage battery with enough power to last well through the night and into the next of sunshine.

This comes in good time after many utility companies begin to pull support for self-sufficient power users, reducing the benefits of making your own electricity via a solar installation.

A 10kWh and a 7Kwhhave been announced along with a plan for much larger 100kWh version to follow.

“This is a game-changer in energy battery storage, which has really been kind of a holy grail for energy,” Keane told VICE News in an interview. “Now it seems we’ve actually found the Holy Grail. What I think we’re going to start seeing now is the real transformation in energy we’ve been talking about for the past decade, maybe even two decades.”

H/t: Vice News