Whenever you hear someone refer to anything as ‘the business’, it is usually an accolade reserved for items of similar stature to crispy skinned chicken or unforgettable nights out. This particular usage murmurs somewhere between the two. A collaboration championed by creative collective Jacky Winter, curators Design Is Kinky and smart guys in the room Media Arts Lawyers, The Business Sydney is an event “for anyone who is either just starting to, or seriously planning to attempt to make a living from creative pursuits,” explains Jeremy Wortsman director and IT wiz of Jacky Winter.

Jeremy Wortsman: Founder and Director of Jacky Winter. Image: Jacky Winter

Jeremy Wortsman: Founder and Director of Jacky Winter. Image: Jacky Winter

The educational extravanganza is an exploration of the nitty-gritty of starting and sustaining a business in the creative industry. Something the crew from Jacky Winter know all about, “there’s no formal training for starting a business. You really have to cobble together lots of information from a wide variety of sources,” Jeremy Wortsman remarked on his experience after launching Jacky Winter in 2006.

A snapshot of The Business in Melbourne. Image: Jacky Winter

A snapshot of The Business in Melbourne. Image: Jacky Winter

After a flagship event in Melbourne received big props from those attending, the dues behind The Business have decided to bring the show to Sydney for one-day only on May 9th.

The Business vies to spark a conversation around the undervaluing of creative work, whilst giving attendees some priceless insights into how to enter and flourish in the increasingly competitive creative marketplace, without cutting themselves short.

“Businesses and freelancers can dangerously undervalue their work for a short term gain, which can have disastrous long-term effects for the industry and our peers with regards to staying sustainable and relevant,” explained Wortsman in a quick interview on Friday.

“All creatives need to value their time and work carefully, and a lot of this comes from having comfort and confidence in the simple truths of running a business. The design and business worlds are moving closer and closer together every day, and the better prepared everyone is, the more everyone will benefit.”

The day is split up into easy to swallow chunks of business goodness, kicking things off with The Fine Print presented by David Vodicka, looking at some of legal terms that might have you scratching your noggin’ and tip-toeing around like appropriation, sampling and fair use.

The schedule rolls through an interesting and insightful list of little workshops designed to have you nodding and scribbling notes, making mental bookmarks and nudging your mate.

“Whether its a book or blog to read, a piece of software to try, or an alternative way of running a particular aspect of their business, the whole idea is that it will inspire people to make a change, or perhaps shed some light on the small boring topics that often go overlooked, yet are crucial to consider.”

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