Erin McKeon did a TED talk on the importance of making up new words. The lexicologist cites the inherent need to understand one another as an unreachable carrot and language the donkey. Innovating and expanding on the human communication process is possibly one of the most important things we as people could do. Miscommunication accounts for many of our problems.

Language grows with everything we do, it is omnipresent in everything we do and always will be – so giving it our own little push is our right and duty. Words are beautiful because they have the power to encompass something in it’s entirety, if you used correctly.

The culture of company can be placed in the collective sum of a group of syllables, presented with limitations only by the conotations attached to that locution. Conotations are interesting and unpredictable animal – the word “flight” may encumber visions of crash, and their is little chance to alter that.

This is exactly why McKeon’s encouragements are awesome. New words have unquantifiable potential as meaning and connotation are a blank canvas for your linguistic brush to paint.