About 8 years ago I attended semi permanent for the first time. As an owner of a marketing business that specialises in property and having formerly been an art director in the film industry, it was a way for me to revisit a more pure engagement with creative (the noun). Over the years it has been the added ingredient to my year which is filled with things financial, property and human resources. So it is always refreshing to immerse myself in a schedule of photographers, painters, illustrators, CGI nerds, new starters and wise old designers.
I can still remember the first session I attended at Semi Permanent, a couple of guys with a white board drew a triangle to demonstrate a rule that I have used ever since.
At the points of the triangle are 3 words: Quality, Fast and Cheap. The rule is that when you deal with a client and their expectation, it is important to qualify them around these three areas of delivery. You can have 2 of these but never 3. This rule has pretty much applied to my experience with clients ever since, and I drag it out for some of them every now and then when they don’t see value in something strategic.
This year’s line up looks good: Uncluttered has asked me to choose 3 faves for this year’s line up. I am keen to see David Chang because I have absorbed a lot of the Momofuku experience, over the last year in particular. Noah Taylor starred in The Year My Voice Broke back when I was getting into the film industry. Looking Good. And Natasha Jen speaks loud with a special visual language, New Yorkers tend to spell things out. Looking at the line up though I see a definite shift to the intelligent. Count me in.