Mutilated, dismembered and recreated toys are what Suckadelic do from a tiny arts studio. Pink stormtroopers, aliens in business suits and fecal supervillains are all part of Sucklord’s repetoire, as he gives the middle fingers to society’s less advanced convictions.

“The Sucklord” by Joey Garfield from ghostrobot on Vimeo.

“SUCKADELIC is an evil arts organization specializing in Bootleg Toys, illicit remix records, and duffed out Supervillain Soap operas and is universally regarded as the sleaziest brand in the game. Ruled from a hidden Sweatshop by the intergalactic criminal and cosmic playboy, the SUPER SUCKLORD, Suckadelic has continued to pump highly addictive pop culture crap into the veins of willing victims since 1997.”

Pretty cool.

Via disinfo