“Nanotechnology. The science is good, the engineering is feasible, the paths of approach are many, the consequences are revolutionary-times-revolutionary, and the schedule is: in our lifetimes.”Stewart Brand

Kyle Haines created his Ferrofuild Kickstarter with the intention to create a symbol for today’s generation like the lava lamp was for the psycadelic sixties. The insanely awesome ferrofuild is a bit more responsive than it’s floating blob cousin. The nifty, little gadget is made of highly magnetic ferrofluids sitting in an organic solvent or sugar water and is expecting to generate a whirlwind of interest into the world of nanotechnology.


The particles in the little tube you see here seem weightless and that’s because they are so tiny that gravity, as we know it (stuff settling to the bottom), doesn’t really apply. A mixture of surface tension, gravity and magnetic force culminate to create the crazy spikes and shapes that appear when a magnet is placed near the bottle. What makes Ferrofluid super cool are the potential uses within science, such as targeted medicinal deliveries to cancerous areas.