Over 500 billion coffee cups are thrown away annually.

We have had a few products to try and quell this wasteful figure. The Bio Cup reported to be environmentally friendly, the Keep Cup a more environmentally sustainable option and now the Plantable Coffee Cup is going to trump them both.


The Plantable Coffee Cup is created with actual seeds that grow trees. The seeds are combined with a material amalgamation of recycled fibres that would usually be discarded to waste.

All the materials used in it’s creation are compost certified, meaning that 180 days after the cup is discarded it will break down into the necessary nutrients for the seeds to grow. This will eventuate into a plant that pulls over a ton of CO2 from the atmosphere annually.

You basically enjoy your beverage, unravel the cup, soak it in water and then plant it wherever you want. Imagine if trees started growing where littered coffee cups once lay.

Via BestMade.Is