Jonathan Keats is taking 1000 years to take a photo. The artist has set up a camera in Tempe, Arizona that is going to be snapping until 3015, meaning he will never see the finished product. What will be seen? The ghosts of demolished buildings and the shadows of new ones. Passing cars and people will not be there long enough to make a dint on the exposure, but the landscape will be filled with fading structures.

“Anything moving quickly, like cars and people, won’t show up at all. But you’ll be able to see bigger changes, like the ghost of housing knocked down after a hundred years, haunting the buildings that take its place. The picture will be less like a snapshot, more like a single-frame movie.”

The project may be duplicated in Berlin and several other cities before the end of the year, meaning our responsibility to build in a conscious manner is on the table. Developers will now have to bare in mind whether there creations are faded blip or a clear vision.


Via Smith Journal