The life of your battery has a direct correlation with your productivity in today’s communication centric world. Without your phone or laptop charged you are not going to get much done – how would you? Portable power packs are a dime a dozen and more often than not aren’t worth their weight, whilst providing a full charge maybe once or twice they then fizzle out and are rendered useless. Time for an innovation perhaps?

The Kraftwerk fuel cell system is that innovation, with a complete reinterpretation of portable power. Rather than a focus on power storage, Kraftwerk looks at power creation. An internal fuel cell uses lighter gas to generate power within the confines of it’s case, providing power for upto a proclaimed 11 iPhone charges (an iPhone charge is now the standard measure of any half-serious charging system).

This puppy looks a little too good to be true, taking the reliance on a wall socket and throwing it out the window. The possibilities of such a device are insane, particularly from the point of view of someone who has just camped the length of Australia’s east coast. A portable, renewable iPhone charger is the coolest thing we have seen this year!


Via Kickstarter