Where do you put your feet while you are at work? On the floor? How predictable.

Though many people continue to sit their feet on the ground whilst tapping mericlessly on their keyboards, there are many who just can’t seem to get that sweet spot. An endless roulette of foot positions can at times be the only refresh for desk chair warriors, whether sitting on one or pressing them against the wall, crossing them awkwardly in the chair or tapping them perpetually on the ground – sometimes they just need a home!

The Foot Hammock is an invention that aims to solve these modern day, first world qualms. By attaching at two points under the desk with a super sticky double-sided tape, the owner can then rest their restless feet in a soft and comfortable hammock. This example of deskspace innovation is even more intriguing considering it has now raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter, thus proving that the world wants somewhere to put their feet whilst throwing their money at things on the internet.