The world seems to be spinning faster and faster. The to-do list keeps growing. The number of projects we’re working on seems to be expanding and not getting completed quick enough or at all. The digital noise is continuously distracting. The number of browsers tabs open at one time, for the purpose of ‘I’ll read that later’ is ridiculous. Electronic devices include a laptop, a desktop, an iPad and a smartphone – why? So we are always connected and don’t miss out?

Essentially, we’re drowning in a sea of information, ideas and to do’s. This doesn’t help to generate happiness, nor generate new ideas, nor space to reflect and contemplate or just be. This doesn’t help to create what you want in your life. You become unfocussed, you spread yourself too thinly. The mental stress and mental clutter pile up. You may find yourself thinking there isn’t enough time and I have so much to do but I’m getting nowhere fast. Overwhelmed.

Know what I mean?

Next step. Cull. Cut out. Say no. Disconnect.

• All those browser tabs and resolve to no more than two browser, or better yet, one browser tab open at a time.
• How many times you check Facebook, look at your email, look at your phone for text messages or answer your phone.

Cut out:
• All those useless, distracting or irrelevant emails by unsubscribing.
• Internet for the first half hour to hour of your morning upon awakening.
• Using your phone when out with fellow humans. Have dapper conversations instead.
• Posting selfies, what you’re eating for dinner, or what event you’re at on your Facebook, Instagram or whatever platform you’re on.

Say no to:
• New projects until the current projects are finished or you’ve decided are not worth continuing.
• Reading more than one book at a time.
• A coffee catch up with no set agenda and no set time limit.
• Using the internet after 6pm – no Facebook, no Pinterest, no emails.
• To buying another device to help you be more efficient, connected to the Internet etc.
• To any commitments that don’t enhance your life.

Disconnect from all electronic devices:
• After certain hour at night
• On weekends or at the very least between certain hours.
• And have a digital break where you can.

More information is worse, not better. Less is better.