Actually Forget Your Keys
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You probably don’t need your keys anymore. Sesame is a new smartlock that can fit onto just about any latch on any door, it literally just sits over the top of it, which can then be controlled by your smartphone or it’s presence. But it’s a little more than that. By having an ongoing conversation with your smartphone, you can now:

  • Leave your keys behind: Just lock and unlock your door using the Sesame app on your phone. Better yet, open Sesame with a custom knock on your phone or door. Your keys, reinvented.
  • Share access: Allow guests in no matter where you are. Control who has access and when.
  • Log records: Receive a notification whenever your door opens or closes.
    Installs in seconds: Simply tape Sesame to your door with a single strip of 3M Command tape (supplied). It fits your lock without removing or swapping anything. No tools required.
  • Fits all deadbolts: Sesame works with just about any deadbolt in the USA / Canada / Australia thanks to five-patented self-adjusting mechanisms.
  • Long battery life: Sesame lasts about 500 days on lithium batteries (supplied), and sends a notification when the batteries are low.

Via BestMade.Is