Board sports have been dominated by four wheels or no wheels for as long as I can remember, skateboards taking the cake when it comes to the concrete jungles of urban landscapes whilst surfboards, snowboards and wakeboards reign supreme upon water in it’s various states. Onewheel looks to challenge the supremacy of the skateboard in urban and more rugged terrain settings, with a large rubber wheel that houses an electric motor.

The premise is that you simply lean forward to accelerate and back to slow and stop. Inertial sensors and algorithims keep the board balanced during acceleration with an accompanying mobile app that allows users to update the firmware, like a Tesla car. Maxing out at just under 20km/h the Onewheel hopes to mirror the sensation of riding a surfboard of snowboard on city streets.

The onboard battery is meant to charge in under an hour, with the app letting users customise their ride with various carve and speed settings.