The OpenWorm Project may be the first instance of a trascendence-like artificial intelligence. The open source project is trying recreate the mind of a round worm digitally via the efforts of a collective of scientists and programmers, and they have just had a breakthrough. The software, modelled on the neurons of the worm, just took control of a Lego robot without any prior programming.

Whilst the movements were minute and basic, the robot was nonetheless avoiding basic obstacles and responded to food. By replacing the worm’s nose neurons with a sonar sensor and motor neuron sensors running down it’s sides the team has tapped into the worm’s world.

“We know we have the correct number of neurons, we have them connected together in roughly the same way that the animal has, and they’re organized in the same way in that there are some neurons that give out information and other neurons that receive information,” said project lead Stephen Larson to CNN.

Those involved in the Open Worm Project are reluctant to make any claims regarding the Lego worm-bot but the whole thing is plain epic at face value – a worm’s mind has been uploaded to a robot.