It might be fair to say that Australian’s are coffee crazy with specialty brews now becoming standard fare for that morning cup of joe. Whilst, this trend has cottoned on in the United States many people still acquire their daily fix from coffee mammoths like Starbucks. Whilst this mega milky beverages sell by their millions, Starbucks didn’t get to the top of the world’s coffee game without knowing a thing or two. In recent years their foresight into the desires of cuppah drinkers has seen the opening of boutique cafes without mention of their brand, a bold and interesting move by such a large conglomerate.


They have now taken this a step further, opening their first Willy Wonka style coffee mecca in Seattle, the home of Starbucks. The massvie warehouse that is the Reserve Roastery and tasting room is a brown bean emporium, complete with tubes of beans floating over head, that allows coffee lovers to witness the roasting process from humble beginnings to velvet emulsion.


The roastery aims to produce some 1.4 million pounds of beans for the premium Reserve brand annually. An open-plan brewing epicentre will allow visitor to sample six different methods of coffee brewing: pour over, chemex, French press, siphon, espresso and clover-brew.