In 2004, Carl Honoré told us to slow down citing the various and unquantifiable benefits of taking your time.  Honore informed us of the slow food movement, which now has millions of members in over 150 countries, he mentioned the bedtime stories with his son that he was told he was the best ever at and he touched on the benefits of slow love making. The message Honore wanted to broadcast was that rushing through everything isn’t a sign of productivity, slowing down is necessary in order to change gears. A global anxiety towards to the scarcity of time has led everybody to a constant state of busy, where the waiting time on something almost directly correlates with its value to us.

Accelerate: Be the tortoise, not the hare is a video by Issimo Productions that reiterates this invaluable advice and how slowing down is actually going to speed you up. From the most simple of examples such as the paper towel dispenser and it’s requirement for a gentle, even pull to the enormous thrust needed to lift a rocket – it all comes back to slow.

Will you slow down?