Have a look at your desk. How much of the table space are you using and how much is bare? Imagine if those bare spaces of table didn’t exist at all. Fall-off is a “computer generated table in which surface density is defined by the placement of objects on a virtual table through a web interface” designed by Sam Stringleman.

That means, all the space you don’t use is now a hole. The interesting webbing of arms that make up the table gather in areas that are used regularly, and are more scarce in the lesser used spots. This also dictates the placement of the legs, asd they need adequate surface to connect. The table is a combination of both interesting and “edgy design and digital biology,” as it’s complete superficiality is a result of your table use.

The table utilises a voronoi mathematical system that essentially divides a space into a number of regions. As a coffee cup or laptop is moved around the table the structural epicentre follows.

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Via Behance