Our reliance on smartphones is now a bona fide fact, we can’t do much without them and they can’t do much without battery life. Most smartphones go OK on their power consumption until you start watching videos, taking photos, playing music, searching the web… Doing all the stuff you’re meant to do on a smartphone, really. Whilst there are a plethora of portable charging devices, including cases that charge your phone at the flick of a switch or simple little keyring sticks that plug into any USB port available, none have really caught my attention until now.

The Plan V portable charger uses a battery that can be purchased from just about any convenience store, meaning the only thing you are relying on are the stock lists of 7/11. A simple design clips onto your keys and is more like a safety net than anything. A simple design with a simple use, molds both form and function nicely in this product by Flintu. Luke Trevitt and Evan Stuart are at the reigns of the charger start-up that is built around the same ideology of a car battery: if it breaks down you simply need to jump it to get it started again. This also puts a price on a phone charge in a way, with a battery from a service station costing anywhere upwards of $7. How badly do you want that charge?



Via Kickstarter