Nigeria isn’t exactly the first place you think of when it comes to sustainable energy, but Africa may come to mind when you think of sunlight.

The West African giant has recently sealed several large solar deals that could see them global leaders of the clean energy source. Currently, 60% of Nigerians are without consistent access to electricity, the agreements made between the Nigerian government and SkyPower FAS Energy, New Generation Power and Motir Seaspire would see Africa’s huge solar potential on the road to realisation.

A $5 billion deal spanning five years and creating 30,000 jobs would see 3000MW of solar power generated via a deal made with SkyPower FAS Energy. The latter duo would see the construction of $2 billion in utility-scale solar infrastructure built by 2017.


This may be the first of many solar projects in Nigeria, as President Goodluck Jonathan hopes to see mini-grid systems bringing power to the many rural communities in his country. The possibilities of solar energy in Africa far outweigh traditional fossil fuel power production methods, with cost and sustainability sitting front row.