E-waste is fastest growing trash sector in the Western world, with 50 million tonnes generated annually. Of this monstrous amount of old TVs, computers and phones less than 13% are recycled. Laden with nasty metals and plastics these parts are too often ending up in landfill. Mikelllc on Instructables.com has devised a plan to build a 3D printer from discarded electronics for under $60.

All you need to find is one floppy disk drive, two standard CD/DVD drives, 3 stepper motors from CD/DVD drives, a PC power supply, female connector, and heat-shrink tube. Then purchase a NEMA 17 stepper motor and CNC (computer numerical control) electronics to for power and programming.

“On one side you get an introduction to machine building and digital fabrication and on the other side you get a small 3D Printer built out of reused electronic parts,” says the instruction description. The creator hopes to bring the conversation about big e-waste issues into an everyday context, inspiring a more conservative and conscious consumer.