Remember that viral campaign touting solar roadways that would power the earth and end all our problems? Let us refresh your memory.

Annoying, spruker voiceover aside the concept is ground breaking (pun intended) and is now facing realisation, though not with this exact product.

The Dutch are nearly finished installing a bike path made from innovative SolaRoad panels. The 70 metre length of path between Krommenie and Wormerveer in Amsterdam cost around $4.3 million AUD, with big plans set to extend the surface to 100m by 2016.

If successful, other paths around the city could be supplemented with the solar hexagons as the Netherlands formulate big plans to go completely solar. Over 2000 cyclists are expected to roll over the Tron-way each day, not including all the tourists that will flock to the space age roadway.

Whilst the panels will collect a significant amount of solar energy, that amount will be around 30% less than roof panels due to the inability of the road to follow the sun. Also, the path has been on a tilt to prevent dirt and dust from impairing contact with precious sun rays.

Here is the inspiring SolaRoad video of the future:


Source: Collective-Evolution

Image: SolaRoad