Working in the digital sphere probably means you have to go from office to office. Being a nomadic worker is more common now than ever before, but does that mean you are going from good coffee to bad coffee to you don’t know what that was? The Daily Addiction concept by Antoine Beynel attempts to put a little routine into your daily brew. The cylindrical device seperates into three pieces. The top is a USB powered heating element, the middle is a canister and filter for coffee or tea and base is a trusty old cup.



The milk bottle design aims to fit snuggly amongst your belongings like a water bottle.e7c2b8303530c66e58431a7f1aaf5797

A screwing mechanism dettachs the sections. The middle is a filter and storage piece for your coffee or tea.



The top section has a heating element and is water tight.



The heating element can be powered by your laptop, perfect for anyone on the go.



Then you simply screw it back on the water is filtered through the coffee.



For the perfect cup.


Would you use something like this?


Via Behance