Japanese construction firm Shimzu has released it’s vision for the future: a city that spirals into the depths of the ocean. The futuristic dwelling would see the varying temperatures of the ocean generate power, mining operations taking place for minerals on the seabed and a sealable dome at surface level.

A blueprint for the 5000 person home was presented in Tokyo last week in association with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Tokyo University. Shimzu predicts this type of abode will be a reality come 2030, with the Ocean Spiral built from a special resin rather traditonal concrete based materials. ‘Earth factories’ would harness carbon dioxide produced in the living quarters turning it into methane via micro-organisms.


Shimzu is famous for this type of head in the clouds thinking having suggested man-made islands to fight rising sea levels and a belt of solar panels that would loop the moon and relay energy back to the earth via lasers. Awesome. Yet, sci-fi visions aside the demand for untapped land in Japan is expected to peak in coming years hence endeavours to find new space solutions for the world’s growing population.

Would you live 14km under the sea?