German cloud company Cloud&Heat is offering to heat houses this winter, free of charge all you have to do is install one of their servers. The cost of cooling servers is a constant battle for cloud and internet companies, as the towers get hot as hell. The clever idea to repurpose that heat has been sprung by several European companies, but Cloud&Heat in Germany seem to be closest to implementation.

Once you’ve applied to the scheme, Cloud&Heat will come round your house and install the fireproof cabinet that will house the computers, at a cost similar to a new heater. Then, your hot water, heating and a vent are attached to keep you toasty all winter long. The vent allows the heat to be rerouted in summer, so you don’t have to cook yourself all year round.

Naturally, there are security concerns with this – is your data just sitting in someone’s living room warming their feet? Cloud&Heat assure everyone that all data is extra encrypted so no peeping tom’s can just pop open the cabinet and plug in. cabinet-d6b694dc1d7505db5dddc0fb1d13488b

Source: Slate