Ever rode your bike all the way across town to have forgotten to fill your water bottle, leaving you with a hawk eye cruise looking for public taps? You’re not alone. Remembering to bring water can be a second thought at best. Kristof Retezar wants to take care of this first world problem for you, with an interesting contraption on the back of your bike.




The Fontus is a solar powered, moisture gathering and condensing invention you rig up on the back of your bike. In one hour, the Fontus hopes to gather half a litre of drinkable water from the atmosphere. A small cooler inside called a Peltier Element cools hot, humid air. By dividing the cooler into two sections, one side hot and the other cold (achieved by power provided by solar cells), and pulling air through it at a high-speed it hits a non-linear perforation that filters out water molecules.


All this very scientific research took place in the world-class laboratories that are Retezar’s bathroom.



Images: Kristof Retezar