Design company Tomorrow Machine has changed the household dynamic forever. By looking at plants such as the lotus leaf, the Swedish firm has created a series of self-washing plates, bowls and cups. The cellulose-based surface actively repels dirt, water and grease so the need for hot soapy sinks is now obsolescent.


Created as a collaboration between Tomorrow Machine and research company Innventia following a challenge from the Swedish Forest Industries Association. The self-cleaning tableware is coloured in a blue and white marbling after being pulped and heat pressed into shape. The lightweight material won’t crack or break and is coated with a super-high heated wax recently developed in Stockholm by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, so all food scraps simply slide off.

This type of invention may be the resolution to the ageing argument of who’s turn it is to do the dishes, but what if you have something super greasy? Or maybe a toffee? Do they slide off without even a rinse?