London based designer and architecture graduate Zhan Wang has created an awesome animation of what the moon could look like in 2028. China has recently sent a probe to the moon and plans to return in 2017 to collect a shipment of mineral, Helium 3 in particular which has the potential to power the earth for 10,000 years (might have to check that!). The video’s bright colours and the gigantic, conceptual infrastructure build an analogy for China’s monopoly on the rare mineral market in the world (currently holding 90% of the world’s materials used for electronics production).

“I’m using the moon mining as kind of an analogy for China’s rare earth monopoly,” Wang explains. “There’s a conflict between the West’s fear of China’s localized economy and our desire for China to keep producing faster, cheaper, smaller electronics.”

The video depicts an enormous space elevator that carrying mined materials back to earth – Shenzhen, China to be precise. “I think this is very much a possibility. I’m not trying to create a science fiction. I did a lot of research into space elevator technology and the main obstacle is material science, which is developing,” claims Wang.

Via FastCompany