Marketing agency DigitasLBi have produced an infographic connecting the various celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges that have gone riot across social media.


The Ice Bucket Challenges currently raising awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) have gone completely viral over the last few weeks, particularly amongst celebrity circles. With Bill Gates, Will Smith and David Beckham all partaking in the chilled water challenge the campaign has successfully raised awareness for the neurodegenerative disease. The source of the e-phenomenon is arguable, however it is reported that golfer Chris Kennedy focused the attention of ongoing ice bucket challenges towards ALS.

Previous to the challenge only one in three people had heard of the disease. Between July and August the ALS Association reported $41.8 million in donations, with Thursday August 21st seeing $10 million donated in that day alone. Criticism that such a practice is another example of ‘slacktivism’ may be quelled with such figures, let alone the disease now being a recognised and discussed topic in everyone’s home.