With 750 million swipes daily it is a surprise that more Tinder users aren’t suffering from RSIs! The date maker buddies up over 10 million people a day, but could it do the same with lost and rescued dogs? BBH NY‘s internship program The Barn has collaborated with New York dog rescue outfit Social Tees to hijack the dating apps algorithm.

Ten of the prettiest pups were put on the dating app in hope that they might swipe themselves an owner. Tallying up over 1500 matches, the canines are still awaiting adoption, however this system could be a solution to big problem.

The RSPCA takes in around 50,000 dogs annually in Australia with 25% of this figure being euthanased. Finding homes for these animals is a difficult task and an image flick adoption system could help to pair up some of these poor guys. Would you use it to find a best friend?