Collaborative consumption has been popularised by services such as AirBnB, allowing people to utilise spaces that otherwise would have sat empty. The same thing thing may now be done with all those appliances, gadgets, equipment and tools that you own with an application called Mootch. Mootch aims to get all the stuff you don’t use and turn it into hard cash.



With the P2P rental market set to hit $26 billion dollars in the US this year and expected to grow to a $110 billion dollar economy, the potential for sharing services such as this is enormous. Launching in New York City exclusively, it will be interesting to see if this really takes off. Just think about how many times you’ve needed a drill to put a picture up, or a food processor for a dinner party?



“I wanted to paint the walls a bright, bold red, but I didn’t have any painting supplies. So I took the bus to Home Depot on 23rd. After collecting all the supplies, I went to the register and the bill was $200. I didn’t buy anything and walked out of the store frustrated. When I got back to my apartment building I went door-to-door seeing if anyone had these supplies. One of my neighbors did and I offered them cash to rent their painting gear. Twenty bucks. I saved $180 that day,” creator Lauren Graham speaking about the dilemma that brought about Mootch.


Via KickStarter