“Our lives are full of boundaries,” says Austin. “Anytime you cross those, the transgression of doing something you’re not supposed to be doing opens up something inside you.”

Sometimes breaking the rules is necessary in order to open up new doors. An event design company based on the United States East Coast has been doing just that, staging events in abandoned and derelict spaces that requires them and their patrons to trespass. Wanderlust Projects founders N.D. Austin and Ida C. Benedetto reckon two thirds of their events involve trespassing and they make their potential customers fully aware of the risks involved, which can often segment their market.

“There’s still always a risk of getting discovered and being asked to leave or perhaps even being arrested. We only let people come if they understand that risk and they’re taking personal responsibility for it. That counts out a lot of people for some of our stuff,” explains Benedetto.

(Via FastCompany)