Have you ever considered how the quality of your music is affected when compressed and streamed? It is not a thought that regularly comes up, simply getting the music to play can be the biggest challenge. The Distortion Of Sound is a short production by Harman and KBS+ that looks at the loss of sound quality in the digital revolution. Featuring a wide array of musicians like Slash from Guns N’ Roses to Snoop and industry bigs like Quincy Jones, the twenty minute doco offers an insight into the pain of these professionals and one of the biggest issues facing the industry.

Beyond providing a thoughtful insight into digital music from the creators perspective, the documentary is also an excellent example of brand content. Being a leading sound engineering and solutions company, Harman is directly connected to this issue and its solution. The provision and delivery of premium sound is part of Harman’s mission, at the very core of their business; the creation of a documentary about the loss of audio quality on a grand scale and how to fix it is intrinsic to Harman.

“We’re endemic to this in that we’re creating the solutions to the issue,” said Harman CMO Ralph Santana. “It would’ve been very easy for a brand that just has a bunch of celebrities and a pop culture-centric image, to slap their name on this. But if you’re an energy bar, it wouldn’t feel authentic because there would be no reason for a consumer to think of that brand around this issue. This project is so linked to our business and what we do that it happens organically.”