The half eaten tomato or dried out hemisphere of onion in your fridge will now be given a more viable chance at consumption. That seems to be the lifeblood spurring the invention of this Food Huggers lid, which goes on the unwanted half of your fresh produce providing a more permanent alternative to the dinosaurs that are cling wrap and tin foil. The silicone piece stretches to fit snugly onto the fruit or veg, replacing the protective skin.

“The most targeted solution to the problem of keeping them as fresh as possible was to address the area where the skin had been cut away, and to develop ideas for how we could replace the missing protective skin”, claims McNicholas, one half of the creation team.

It is estimated that Americans throw away half of the food produced in their country each year, whilst Australian’s are slightly more modest with a predicted 20% of food purchased being tossed in the trash. Not only could this device save the forgotten halves of billions of veggies, it could also reduce the carbon footprint created throughout the production and distribution stages.


(Via FastCompany