A new social media app has exploded across Europe and Russia since its re-release onto Android last week. The anonymous sharing application, Secret, allows users to post text with a single photo to a network of their friends. The posts range from silly suspicions to internal confessions and are shared again each time someone you know likes it.

This is a game change from the self-promoting worlds of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Polish tech-startup gives users the guise of anonymity once they have a network of more than three friends with the app in the contact list, once you sign up with only an email and SMS verification.

The app has walked the talk as it holds top ten positions for all apps downloaded in Russia, Netherlands and Ukraine to name a few. The mastermindS behind the app David Byttow and Chris Bader built it on the premise of an idea being more powerful than the person who thought of it.

“Basically, every secret should stand on the merit of its own idea. It would be nice, for once, to have a normalising platform” said Byttow of the concept.

The popularity and sharing of a ‘secret’ or idea is dependent on the content solely, not the person who posted it, which essentially flattens the social hierarchy that users of Twitter and Facebook see daily.

Would you put a secret out there?


(Quote via ReCode)

(Image: Ebuyer)