Italian design and technology start up Coelux has developed a lighting system that mimics the sun. Using nano technology the system reproduces the colour temperature and then tracks the suns movement across the sky throughout the day. The nano-structured materials are layered a few millimetres thick to create the illusion of distance that is fundamental in the relationship between the sun and sky, resulting in the blue we all see. This Rayleigh effect as it is known is what makes the light seem like a window.

The presence of lighting in a building can make or break a room, with the mood of some often set by the colour and illumination around them. A study by Rikard Kuller in 2006 concluded that “worker moods were lowest when the lighting experienced was too dark”, showing that lighting should be considered alongside form, colour and texture during the design process.

Developed by Italian Paolo Di Trapani, the device has options that allude to Mediterranean, Northern Europe or the Tropics depending on the users preference. Perfect for basements or other spaces without any available sunlight, the system may provide the answer to previously difficult areas to illuminate naturally. The system even eased the anxiety of claustrophobia during testing.


(Via PSFK, Inhabitat)

(Image: DigitalTrends)