Do you have a F**ckit list?! !

I recently, had dinner with three of my ex-clients, whom of which, I have enormous high regard and admire. I put to them the idea of the ‘f**kit list’, a concept they had not heard before, but instantly embraced with enthusiasm.

The next morning we sent each other our f**kit for the day. This got me thinking of all the things I say f**kit it to, how often I say it, and how that makes my life far more ful?lling, adventurous and fun. This isn’t for the faint hearted or the ones that believe nothing ventured, nothing lost. This is for people who believe in ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ or want to believe it!

I imagine that most people have heard of a Bucket list. A list of things, you’d like to do, during your lifetime. It’s a list you create before you cross it off. On the other hand, the F**ckit list is created after you’ve made a decision and taken action. Then it gets added it to the list.

The F**ckit list is:
• Usually a spontaneous decision, but not always!
• Non-violent
• Can be an emotional risk for you
• Carries some sort of consequence which could be emotional yet does not damage your life!!
• Could be adventurous, potentially naughty and fun!
• Does not involve hurting another human being, animal or the earth!
• Doesn’t lead to the development of poor habits nor long term consequences!
• Good for when you want to get out of your own skin
• Doing something unpredictable!

Examples of saying f**kit and adding to your list:
• Your friend cancels her travel plans with you for your ?rst overseas trip, but you, although scared, decide to do it anyway!
• Performing in front of a large crowd despite fears of doing so
• You have a good friend, whom you don’t know if they have the same feelings, but you want to move out of the friends zone, into the girlfriend/ boyfriend zone!
• You want to start a business, scuba dive, hang glide, sky dive, go canyoning, bungee jumping, travel the world, take a year sabbatical.
• Always wanted to try boxing, but as a female you’re intimidated
• Tattoos, piercings, radical hair colour, outrageous clothes
• Anything you haven’t done before because it’s either a phobia, it emotionally scares you, you’re not sure if you’ll like it or enjoy it or worried about what other people might think!

If this is new to you and makes you feel uneasy, here’s a little trick to help you do it (if you really need to think about it beforehand):
Ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen? What’s the likelihood of it happening? Would it be that bad if it did happen? And at the end of my life, looking back, will I be happy I did it?

My f**ckit list has many things on it, that I have gotten into trouble for, as they were deemed by society, as inappropriate or wrong. Fair enough. Mainstream thinking will always do that to you. It’s better to live with let go out what people think and live with no regrets.

Sometimes you just need to throw emotional caution to the wind and do it. As you do it more often you’ll get wiser on your f**ckit choices, and realise, with the perspective of time, it’s really not that big of a deal. I don’t think I can articulate the enormous freedom it brings when you lift the lid on self-imposed limitations and the imposed limitations of society.

Normality, to me, equals mediocrity, which equals boring. Normality will most likely, but not always, keep you emotionally and physically safe. If you don’t try new things; if you don’t venture outside your comfort zone, there appears to be less for you to lose. The ?ip side of that is there isn’t much to gain either!

I’ve never wanted a “normal” life and so haven’t had one. At times this has caused enormous gut-wrenching, heart-stomping emotional pain but that’s been over shadowed by the immense joy of feeling deeply and whole heartedly alive and in-love with my life.

The contrast is astounding. The older I get, the less normal my life seems to be and the more in-love I am. I feel like a kid in the candy store of life, so excited about everything, wanting to try anything and everything that tickles my fancy.

This is all because I say f**ckit often. If you’re not happy with you’re life right now, you’re bored or stuck, if you want more out of life, or if you want to be more spontaneous or adventurous then it might just be time to shake things up, say f**ckit and start your list!