A few years from now you could be 50,000 thousand feet in the air thanks to your garbage, if Solena Fuels keeps up its good work. The production plant located outside of London will take the nitty gritty of the English capital’s soileries and using a couple of techniques turn it into gas, which will be suitable for burning at 50,000 feet. British Airways has already agreed to buy $500 million of the trash-gas to use on their fleet. 

Solena fuels is in an interesting position too as their CEO, Robert Do explains: “The city is already paying the landfill–and since we’re replacing the landfill, the city will actually pay us to take the trash… Our production cost is significantly lower than if we had to go out and buy grain and cultivate crops. And we’re not using hundreds of thousands of acres which could be used for food”.

With London churning out 18 millions tons of junk annually, there is no massive shortage of material for them to use.

This could see the solution to two problems that everybody knows about: greenhouse gas emissions and trash.

Do you think this is the beginning of the end for jet fuel?

(Via FastCo, Adele Peters)

(Image: Shuttershock)