The desire for access to something is now superseding the need for ownership, as more people are coming together to create the necessary channels for a vision of collaborative sustainability. One organisation using a collaborative perspective and doing more with it is Watsi.

Watsi is a global crowd-funding platform that allows users to donate towards someone else’s healthcare. By taking an oath of transparency, Watsi guarantee that every dollar directed is going there. By “asking donors for an additional contribution to Watsi when donating to a patient, forming corporate partnerships and licensing software”, the not-for-profit plans to become financially sustainable.

Their mission for transparency is right there for you to see, as they keep everything right out in the open for anyone chewing on suspicions. This attitude towards its users is what sets the start up apart from other global do-gooders and makes its prospects much more intriguing for users.


(Image: Watsi, Pingwest)