Every so often you’ll come across a person in business that is special. Who sees things that others don’t. Who works that bit harder. Who pushes the envelope a bit further. Who takes charge without being asked or prompted.

They are special – brave, resilient and smart. They want things to work and will put themselves out there to make it happen. They won’t always get it right and they’ll have their share of critics as they push the boundaries out. It may get bumpy for them at times too but they don’t especially care.

They’re not motivated by winning favour with their bosses and they don’t do what they do to get noticed (although they’re hard to miss). What’s important to them is improvement – their own and that of the organisation.

I love these guys and girls. Wholeheartedly. They are thoroughbreds. Rare and precious. They’re born to run, not to be shackled by mediocrity and beaten to death by sacred cows or by controlling bosses. It’s not in their nature to nod, acquiesce and accept the status quo.

They are genetically coded to seek out ways to make things better – to solve problems and create opportunities. So let them.

Give them enough room to be creative – they work best when they’re not hemmed in by unnecessary rules and procedures. But support and mentor them too – they will need your help from time to time as they fulfil their potential.

To the thoroughbreds out there that I’m currently working with (you know who you are!) keep it up. Do what you do best – run! It’s a great pleasure working with you…

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