Do you ever wish you could go back to school? To learn something different? Something you wish you knew all along?

An art installation come social experiment from the mind of Candy Chang recently took place in Mobile (United States), that asked participants just that.

The installation utilised an old derelict school room, one of the first in Alabama, filled with bright red inflated balls and a school desk with pen and paper. The purpose of the pen and paper was for the audience to write down the things they wished they had learnt in school. The red balls inviting everyone to have a bit of fun – i.e. hurl them at your mate’s head!


Some of the entries written down included:

“How to be yourself, the value of travel, to be proactive and creative with knowledge, to not be afraid of bugs and gross things, Spanish, how to budget, patience and kindness, how to have fun without technology again, to never let anyone tell you that you wouldn’t be good at something you are passionate about, to take nothing for granted, how to love and make good choices, different cultures, how to change a flat tire, to never let others dictate who you are, the compassionate life, and how to handle stress and existential crisis.”


What would you write down?



(Candy Chang, Robert Stain, 2013)School-of-the-Future-by-Candy-Chang School-of-the-Future-09School-of-the-Future


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(images: Kimberly Nichols, Todd Douglas)