When I finished university, like many other graduates, I was excited and relieved to be finished with my institutional education (for now). I had given though to job prospects but by no means had a concrete path set out for myself. What very quickly became apparent was the need for ongoing mental stimulation and a greater degree of job satisfaction (I was working as a cook, which I thoroughly enjoy but it lacked that little bit of extra food for thought).

Where I found myself then was in a limbo of working for money or for satisfaction. I was earning good money but not actually gaining anything personally. What to do? I quit the job and began searching for something more challenging and satisfying. I think I’ve found that.

Jessica Hagy may have faced a similar predicament, and as a result she created “How to be interesting after you graduate”, which chronicles the checks and balances every post-grad or any post-person for that matter should be making as they find their feet. It’s no bible to swear by, but it certainly provides a helpful perspective very much worth considering. Hagy places everything into easy to digest infographics that help the reader to plot themselves into the equation. This style of pen to paper graphery is inherent to Hagy, who has a couple of websites displaying her work here and here.



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(Images: Jessica Hagy)