Cycling is the new golf. Gone are the days of sharing the fairway and here are those of bitumen business. Whether you are whipping around the city on a fixie or burning down the highway on the latest and lightest roadie, you probably want to know your time, speed and distance.

These stats are all readily available on your phone, but what about during the ride? Can you safely take directions, be warned of approaching cars, traffic and simultaneously relay your riding experience to others?

Cue the Vanhawks Valour, the first ever fully connected carbon fibre bicycle. In an age where everything you own is integrated into your everything else, the connection between your mode of transport and your online is a no-brainer. By taking a particular focus on rider safety and experience the Valour is setting itself apart from other two wheelers.

On board sensors can alert the rider, by vibrations through the handles, of any cars creeping into your blindspot. LED lights near the stem let you know of an upcoming turn and all of this is linked up to your devices. Even if you’re pride and pedals are stolen, when another Valour passes by its location you will be alerted – an act of valour.

Is this the future of cycling?


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(Image: Vanhawks, KickStarter)