Getting someone to see things the way you do can be one of the most difficult conversations you can have. The concept of altering someone’s perception to align with yours can be daunting and at times impossible, but there are a few things you can do to help persuade someone.


1. Be confident, talk fast. If they aren’t convinced in the first sentence, shoot another 10 at them. The quicker you rattle off points the harder it will be for them to find flaws in your argument. That said, confidence is a by-product of knowledge and experience, knowing your craft and believing in it is a necessity. Research has shown that confidence can trump accuracy when earning the trust of others.

2. Find some common ground. By telling someone something they already believe will greatly increase your chances of changing their mind. I like to present a circumstance that they will always agree with. People listen to likeminded people, not polar opposites. Once they are nodding about one thing, they will be more inclined to nod about another.

3. Emphasize the positives! By maintaining that the glass is half full and focusing on that is ten times better than pointing at all the spilt milk on the table. There are no perfect arguments, but don’t poke anymore holes than there already are.

4. Less is more. A study in California showed that people offered a sample of six items were 24% more likely to buy than those offered a range of 24. While having options is good, too many is overkill. Sticking to a good few avoids inundation and indecision, I like to think yes or no is sometimes the best method.

5. The Nod. Body language is massive, simply smiling and nodding whilst making a suggestion can work 60% of the time.