There have been countless times that I have looked at my old Gameboy’s and marvelled, something about the design and the warm, fuzzy nostalgia that comes creeping up is just great.

“Progress has a price and efforts have an expiration date”, said Jim Golden in a statement about his recent series of photographs depicting technologies past. The images capture moments in time that would only be remembered during a spring clean. A by-product of the throwaway economy we have all become so engrained in.

Golden took pictures of old projectors, tapes, floppy disks, punch cards, slides, typewriters and any other item of obseletion.

All of these things were once state of the art but have since been relegated to the dump, I think you would be lucky to see a floppy disk floating around your office these days.

What e-waste items can you never part with? Is there something strangely beautiful about it?

3029823-slide-relicsoftechnologyatarijoystick 3029823-slide-relics-of-technology-punched-card 3029823-slide-relicsoftechnologyvhs 3029823-slide-s-relics-of-technology-reel-to-reel3029823-slide-s-relicsoftechnologytypewriter     (Images: Jim Golden)

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