An eleven year old actor was strategically placed at a bus stop in Oslo purposely without a jacket. A hidden camera was placed across from the scene to record strangers reactions to the boy. He was placed there for a few hours over two very cold days. The staged scenario was to raise awareness and funds for Syrian Children for the SOS Children’s Villages Norway.

When questioned he told people that his jacket had been stolen on a school trip into the city. Most strangers felt obliged to help the chid and surrendered either their gloves, jacket or scarf to ensure he would stay warm as he waited. According to SOS three out of twenty five people who shared the bus stop did not offer to help.

“The goal was to touch upon the fear of becoming numb to crises that don’t affect you directly,” SOS rep Synne Rønning told AdFreak.

The video, produced by Släger Kommunikasjon and Pure Content, doesn’t explicitly address one significant issue—that you’re more likely to help someone right in front of you than someone far away whose pain is more abstract. But it does memorably imply that really shouldn’t matter.