The great jobs rarely get filled by people emailing in a resume. Or responding to a job ad. Sending in a resume works fine for run of the mill jobs and they keep the wheels turning in the recruitment sector because they allow a ‘quick’ filtering process to occur to see whether you’re ‘worthy’ of next stage consideration or not. If you miss a point here or there you’re out. If you hit a sweet spot or two you’re through. I think it encourages ‘averageness’. And that’s why I’m not a fan of them. 

There is more to a person than their job history and what school they went to. What I’m interested in is what makes a person tick and whether they have fire in their belly. I want to hear about their struggles and failures because these tell me more about them than where they have worked. You’ll rarely find this on their resume – most are sanitised of all mediocrity and failure and hence they are an inaccurate (perhaps aspirational) representation of a person.

So without a resume what do you do? It takes time but the best approach is to work on a pull strategy where you attract interest because you are recognised as a ‘go-to’ person in your sector. If someone comes to you they’re less likely to ask for a resume. They’ve worked out that you are a person of interest and they want to know more. The other method – ‘push’ – is resource intensive and will involve sending a lot of resumes around. It also makes you play the game with recruiters on your way to finding an average job. Why waste your time doing that?

Instead step back and understand what makes you unique and great. What are your best attributes? Why should you get that job? If you have powerful answers and can get your point across quickly you’ll open more doors. Why not create a short personal video and share it around? Incorporate in it video testimonials from people who are highly regarded. Describe the remarkable work you have done and the projects you have been involved in. Include in it references to any articles or papers  etc. that you have had published. These are the things that will help to ‘pull’ people towards you.

You don’t need a resume if you do remarkable work that matters. That’s a worthwhile goal in itself. And it might even get you seriously considered for that amazing job you’ve always wanted…